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Bathrooms: Shower Rooms of Surrey

You can now choose among the most diverse types of showers to create a bathroom or shower room that perfectly suits you and your needs. Choosing the perfect shower enclosure has never been easier; we have products that suit your lifestyle and your space, designed to meet your individual needs.

Visit our extensive showroom in Byfleet Village, Surrey to see a range of Shower Rooms on display.

To see some of our most recent client projects, click here to view our customer portfolios.

Our Full Range of Bathroom Styles


Every combination is unique. From Porcelain to Stone, Ceramic to Glass, you can bring textures together in an infinite number of ways to add a further dimension to your new shower room. By keeping abreast of new designs, trends and innovations, we can offer you a vast range of finest tiles available.

Visit our dedicated Tiles Studio incorporated in our extensive Byfleet Village, Surrey Bathroom showroom.


3D Visualisation

See your future Shower Room come to life...

With the latest virtual reality software, we can bring your future Shower Room to life by combining your ideas with our expert design skills.

This software enables us to replicate site measurements accurately and from this produce a very detailed annotated 2D plan. It also gives you the ability to visualise our proposed shower room design from all angles. After your initial design consultation with us, we can then adjust and fine-tune your shower room design to meet your specific requirements.

This 3D visualisation tool really helps you come on board with being involved in the final decisions during the design process in finalising your dream shower room. With the speed and accuracy of utilising this software, it is far more efficient than the traditional hand drawn plans.

3D Visual Bathroom Design
3D Visual Complete

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