Keep Calm and let them Carry On!!

Whenever carrying out building work or home renovations, it is impossible to forecast what you may be hiding when you start removing the plaster off the walls or pulling up those creaking floorboards!! Remember, it can’t always go according to plan but when a few issues arise, it is how they are dealt with that really matters.

A good project manager will keep you informed throughout your project and make you fully aware of any unforeseen circumstances. You should not get any hidden surprises when the final bill is produced!

Accessorise, in every way possible!

Think of that wonderful new dress you have bought without a necklace; the shirt without a tie, the nails without varnish… It wouldn’t be right would it?

These thoughts need to remain in your head when thinking about the interior of your home. Hot pink may be your favourite colour but, as you will probably agree, it may not be so practical to have this as the main colour for kitchen units and sanitary ware! In this instance, I guess the husband has to have some say, so basically, that one is a no no.

Therefore, accessorising is key to complete that overall look. Brightly coloured towels in the bathroom, a glistening back splash in the kitchen, that chandelier in the bedroom.. just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. We believe firmly in accessorizing, our showroom here at Raycross Interiors is a sure sign of that!

What’s your style?

Let’s talk Metris: curvy and organic shapes; refreshing, utilising and maximising areas.

The Metris range offers a wide range of colours and finishes and is absolutely fantastic for creating that bit more than simply just a kitchen. The craze these days is to tailor your house to your needs and lifestyle. Whether it be a party place, a family area or simply a separate room which is used to prepare food. Incorporating again the “don’t move, improve” philosophy, take a look at one of our recently completed projects using Metris products designed and installed by Raycross Interiors. The dark wood allows the combination of contemporary and modern so whatever your choice of style, Metris can do it!

See how you could change your house to be a real portrayal of yourself…

Designed and supplied by Raycross Interiors, Mrs B, Esher.