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  • Perfect Planning

    Perfect Planning

    20 September 2016

    From clever storage solutions to tactile surfaces, look at a range of design options and plan so that you make the most of your space and your money…

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  • New Kitchen = New Appliances = New You

    New Kitchen = New Appliances = New You

    09 September 2016

    New appliances for the kitchen are always coming out and with the waves of health trends that come and go, you can guarantee there are appliances to help keep your health on track, from steam ovens to juicers. However, there are also even simpler options to help you cook healthy food and to make cooking generally easier…

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  • Kitchens Complete on the Compton Homes Site

    Kitchens Complete on the Compton Homes Site

    22 August 2016

    As you know, we were delighted to announce that we were going to be designing, supplying and installing 9 stunning kitchens for Compton Homes & Forays Homes on their Oakfield Development in Pyrford and they’re now complete!!

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    24 July 2016

    A massive thank you to everyone who visited our stand and for entering our ‘Feel the Food’ competition. It was great fun and we’re glad so many of you joined in! Now to reveal who the winner is….

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  • A Kettle or a Quooker…

    A Kettle or a Quooker…

    21 July 2016

    What do you think… A kettle or a Quoter? One of the easiest topics to debate because there is a clear winner - Once you have a Quooker, you’ll never want to go back to a kettle and here are the reasons why…

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