Don’t move, improve…

We buy a house, we buy more possessions, we produce more offspring…

Then what happens? We need more space? We need more storage? We need more of everything? Well, as suggested above….. DON’T MOVE, IMPROVE!

The process of administration included in moving is a rough estimate of approximately £30,000. The price paid for fees, stamp duty, legal costs, removers and the rest can be vast. This money could be invested in the existing property, for example, a brand new kitchen and other interior projects. This not only improves the quality and comfort, but increases value of your home too.

Specialists such as ourselves at Raycross Interiors are able to create a very personalised home which utilises space, creates an imaginative personal touch and has everything you could ever need! Recent years have seen trends moving away from the bland “beigeness”; coloured glass splash backs, marvellous tiles and extensive choices in beautiful worksurfaces are just a few ways in which we can inject colour into your project.

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