High Functioning Kitchens

High Functioning Kitchens

The layout of a kitchen is important, as I’m sure you’re all aware. However, do you understand the perfect distances and ergonomics of one of the busiest rooms in your house. From using the oven, to the fridge, to the stove, a busy kitchen can’t be a high functioning kitchen unless you’ve got these measurements right!

The kitchen has many functions, from food storage, to cooking and washing. In recent times, these areas have been compacted into one room, whereas before the twentieth century, areas were divided into separate rooms: cold stores and larders etc… In our modern kitchens, we have stunning fridges and freezers, techy ovens and hobs and shiny sinks and therefore, it’s important there is enough workspaces, in fact as much as possible and that there is enough storage, sensibly placed.

The minimum distances are vital to take into account when planning a new kitchen. 120cm is the magic number for the distance needed between a table and a wall if it’s expected someone will walk behind the chair. You don’t want people getting stuck! The frustration felt when trying to open a cupboard or a drawer that won’t open properly due to lack of space can be avoided by making sure there is a distance 135cm between the object (eg table) and the drawer unit. Annoyance avoided. Finally, a distance of 100cm is vital in front of a dishwasher for loading and unloading.

To avoid stubbed toes, ‘toe kicks’ are key! This is the space between a unit front and the plinth and should be deep enough to allow you stand right up against the unit. And to avoid bumped heads, keep the extractor fan high or vertical.

To get the expert help needed when planning your new kitchen and to truly appreciate what we have to offer, please visit our stunning kitchen showroom in Byfleet Village, Surrey or call us on 01932 346336 for more details. Prepare to plan the perfect kitchen!

High Functioning Kitchens

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