De-cluttering Family Spaces...

De-cluttering Family Spaces...

If the main bathroom of your house has to cater for multiple family members, it can soon become cluttered and crowded as a result of everything from toiletries, to bath toys and towels. Therefore, it’s important to consider your storage spaces when planning your bathroom and design them around your daily routines.

Vanity units are perfect for couples and families as they provide neat storage spaces that also look very stylish. Depending on your space, you can then have one or two sinks and split who uses what storage and sink spaces. Keep the top draw for items that are used often or take up space on surfaces to help keep these areas clutter-free.

As well as this, tall units with several shelves can provide plenty of storage space and allow you to use different shelves for different things. And slimlined mirrored cabinets can be used to keep items away from curious little fingers and can help make the room feel bigger and brighter by reflecting light!

At Raycross Interiors, we will help you to design a bathroom that supports your daily routine and source storage options that will make for a clutter-free family space.

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