A Kitchen Fit For A Chef...

A Kitchen Fit For A Chef...

If you like to entertain guests with dinner parties and top notch cooking, pick your kitchen design using ideas from professional schemes to help take the stress out of the evening!

Bright, open-plan kitchens are perfect for dinner parties. It means you’re not all hauled up in the kitchen on your own while your guests are enjoying themselves! Furthermore, statement islands can look sleek and stylish and are a great way to chat to family and friends, for those of you who like to have a chat while you cook.

Equip your kitchen with high performance appliances and new kitchen tech to simplify cooking and help the evening run smoother. Siemens flexInduction hobs, like the one below, are designed with sleek touchSlider controls to make cooking even easier, as well as zones that can be linked together to create an extended cooking zone, great for big pans or several pots at once!

Durable surfaces are also key for someone who likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. However, this no longer means tinny, stainless steel worktops like in professional kitchens. At Raycross Interiors, we can help you create a kitchen that functions like it’s fit for a pro-chef, but still looks stylish and homely!

Siemens Flex Induction Hob Kitchens Surrey

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