Top Five Bathroom Trends

Top Five Bathroom Trends

Whether you’re planning a new bathroom or just want to stay up-to-date with the latest bathroom news, take a look at these top 5 bathroom trends.

  1. Industrial Chic - Give your bathroom an industrial edge with square white tiles, a Fifties style sink and dark metal finishes. It’s not everyone’s style but could look cool and edgy if this is the kind of design you like.
  2. Stand Alone Approach - Create a design that oozes free spirit by swapping a standard, fitted vanity unit for something more freestanding, such as countertop basins on freestanding furniture.
  3. Mix It Up - Although traditional tiles and mosaics can look sleek, try mixing it up and using tiling that is slanted or diagonal rather than the standard horizontal or vertical approach and use a range of shades to add texture.
  4. Smooth Edges - The curved approach is taking over from square-edge designs so add some circles to your bathroom, such as rounded mirrors, as well as smoothed and rounded surface edges.
  5. A Touch of Timber - Create a spa-like feel in your home with wood-effect porcelain tiles that will also add a touch of warmth.

Make the most of what you can do with your bathroom and your unique style.

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