Showered in Love

Showered in Love

This Valentine’s Day you may be showered in affection, but if not, how about planning a new bathroom that really gives you butterflies… From digital showers and baths that fill themselves, to sleek shower enclosures and warming towel rails, at Raycross Interiors we can help put together a bathroom that you’ll fall in love with.

Digital Shower Panels such as those by Aqualisa look sophisticated and modern and are super easy to use. They come with no confusing dials or switches, just an on/off button, a temperature dial and a flow dial. Simple and sleek; perfect for contemporary bathrooms.

Aqualisa have also created a similar and even cleverer version to go in the bath. It looks just as stylish and is just as easy to use, but it can make your life so much easier. Simply set the fill-depth and temperature and the tap will automatically turn off when it’s full. No need to keep checking that it’s not overflowing; enjoy a stress free bath!

Stunning shower enclosures are still on trend and can really give the wow-factor to your bathroom. Step out and be greeted by a warm, fluffy hug thanks to a functional yet stylish towel warmer.

If you want help ‘feeling the love’ this Valetines Day, call us on 01932 346336 or pop into our Byfleet Village Showroom to see how we can help you fall back in love with your home!

Aqualisa Digital Shower Bathrooms Surrey

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