Cutting-Edge Kitchen Tech

Cutting-Edge Kitchen Tech

Appliances are found all over our kitchens, but a new range of ‘super appliances’ are giving our kitchens the opportunity to take a leap into the world of technology. From hot taps and induction hobs with timers to warming drawers; Raycross has a range of useful appliances that can ‘up-the-ante’ of your kitchen!

State of the art hot taps provide hot water in an instant, speeding up cooking times with no need to wait for a kettle to boil or water from the cold tap to heat up on the hob. It’s a great energy saving piece of kit too, so saving you time and pennies!

Another must have is a built-in induction hob which will not only give your kitchen a very sleek, modern finish but will provide you with a very efficient and stress free way to produce fabulous food. With easy to use controls and timers on each ring, there is no longer the need to try and remember your timings – when the time is up, the ring will automatically switch off!

Warming drawers are also a kitchen must-have. Helping to ensure your delicious dinner is delivered to the table piping hot, this addition to your kitchen is a god-send. Ideal for keeping plates & food warm, it is also ideal for proving. So for all you budding bake-off experts, make sure a warming drawer is the top of your wish list for your new kitchen.

Impress your guests with fabulous cutting-edge kitchen tech, as well as being able to enjoy hassle free cooking. A perfect combination.

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