'Where's Trevor?' Campaign

'Where's Trevor?' Campaign

As most of you know from our previous post, Trevor, our fantastic Delivery and Store Manager got his fabulous new van! The van is all sign written and ready to deliver and with it being the 40th Anniversary of Raycross Interiors this year, Trevor is going to be doing some very special deliveries over the next few weeks.

So, our ‘Where’s Trevor?’ campaign is a little competition we’ll be putting out there. Each time Trevor heads out in his sparkling new van we will post on our social media what area he’ll be heading to. If you happen to see him, just post on our Facebook page where you saw him and we will get in touch with you to send you your special prize!

Just a bit of fun to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Raycross Interiors so keep your eyes on our social media for more about our anniversary celebrations and keep your eyes on the roads for Trevor and his van for your chance to win!

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