New Kitchen = New Appliances = New You

New Kitchen = New Appliances = New You

New appliances for the kitchen are always coming out and with the waves of health trends that come and go, you can guarantee there are appliances to help keep your health on track, from steam ovens to juicers. However, there are also even simpler options to help you cook healthy food and to make cooking generally easier.

As we’ve mentioned before, Siemens flexInduction hobs are a must for diverse cooking. They’re super easy to use, while also looking smart and being efficient. The cooking area can be tailored to your needs enabling you to use a small area as traditional induction hobs with four or five separate zones, or you can choose to link the zones together to form one zone for larger cooking pans; and now, if you purchase a selected Siemens flexInduction Hob from us, you can also claim a free Teppanyaki or Griddle Plate.

Teppanyaki – Heating extremely quickly, the Teppanyaki is great for fast Japanese cooking. Perfect for a cooked breakfast or a healthy stir-fry.

Griddle Plate – Specially designed for use across four flexInductors the griddle plate maintains an even heat, perfect for frying steak.

Siemens flexInduction accessories offer you even more flexibility, allowing you to create a variety of dishes using different techniques on your hob. For more information about how we can help plan your kitchen, as well as more about this offer, please contact us on 01932 346336 or visit our Byfleet Village Showroom!

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