With Siemens Home Connect, Home is where your app is...

With Siemens Home Connect, Home is where your app is...

Thanks to Siemens, you can manage your Wi-Fi enabled Siemens home appliances with just a phone app. You can use Home Connect wherever you are, whatever you do…

As innovation moves on, new possibilities arise. Connected Siemens appliances, intelligent software and the intuitive Home Connect App offer a new world of exciting uses. Ease the workload by letting the app choose the best washing programme – or open up completely new possibilities by looking inside your fridge from anywhere. A smart appliance with Home Connect makes everyday life more efficient, allowing you to spend more time on the things you love. For a life less ordinary.

Camera in the Fridge: Check the contents of your fridge wherever you are.

With this September being the hottest in over 100 years, their smart app allows you to see into your fridge from anywhere, so you know what all important BBQ essentials you need to buy! There are two cameras installed in the fridge so whenever the fridge door closes, pictures of your food will be sent automatically and directly to you phone, so you can buy those last minute bits on the go!

Remote Control: Intuitively operate your fridge via Home Connect App.

As well as this, through the intuitive interface of the Home Connect App you can adjust all settings of your connected fridge freezer, like the temperature, without even opening its door.

Remote Monitoring: Check your appliances’ status from wherever you are.

You never have to worry about your food when you are connected to your fridge. Thanks to Home Connect you can monitor it from anywhere and even get Push Notifications in case you accidentally leave the door open or the temperature needs to be adjusted.

Storage Guide: Easily find the best possible place for your ingredients.

Each food requires a special environment to maintain optimum freshness. Thanks to the Storage Guide in your Home Connect App, you don’t have to know the specific requirements for your groceries as it tells you where items are ideally stored, and even provides nutritional information on the food inside your fridge.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more about this fancy phone app and it’s advantages so keep an eye on our social media… With exciting new possibilities from Siemens, their appliances are perfect for a modern kitchen. Take a look at our Client Portfolios or visit our extensive Byfleet Village Showroom to have a look at how we can help you incorporate contemporary appliances into stunning kitchens. You can also contact us on 01932 346336 for more info…

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