When it comes to spending money and time on your home, you don’t want to get it wrong so planning a design that will last is a must and sometimes it just means ingesting some modern themes into the classics…

It’s important to go for a style that suits you and your home, and create a style that lasts. So when it comes to creating a timeless bathroom look, you can put it together with a contemporary twist - a perfect solution to creating a lasting design…

Plan a twenty-first century sanctuary

Marble is a must. It’s luxurious and will sit stunningly over the years. Recently, creating luxurious styling in the bathroom has become more popular; however, creating the theme of luxury can often be problematic… Taking classics such as marble and giving them a modern update can give your bathroom a more timeless look, especially when we can help make them super sleek and stylish.

Blending timeless themes with the latest tech

You can find classic brassware and showerheads that are compatible with the latest technology so you can bring the classics up-to-date. However, it can be important to take a slightly subtle approach when it comes to making timeless elements work in a modern design - you don’t want one or the other to overwhelm the room so balance is also important.

Go monochrome

With black and white bathrooms, you can’t go wrong. Unlike other colour palettes, like avocado green and harvest yellow back in the 70’s, black and white will never go out of fashion. Monochrome has been popular for years within design and will be here for many years more so make your bathroom bright with white showers, baths, sinks etc and finish it off with sleek black accessories like towels, toothbrush pots and mosaic niches…

Monochrome Laufen Bathroom Surrey

At Raycross Interiors if you’re looking to bring your bathroom up to date, we can help you design a bathroom that incorporates old and new or create a timeless design or if luxury is what you’re after, luxury is what we can help you design. Get in touch with us on 01932 346336, visit our extensive Byfleet Village Showroom or in the mean time take a look at some of our stunning Bathroom Portfolios…

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