Clean Clothing Made Easy

Clean Clothing Made Easy

Unfortunately, not even the fantastic Siemens Home Connect App can take away the fact you still have to load and unload the washing machine, but with the app and Siemens Wi-Fi enabled washing machines, you can use exciting features to give you more flexibility and choice when doing your laundry…

Don’t waste time with fiddly buttons and dials

The Easy Start feature in your Home Connect App helps you to find the best programme. Just answer a few simple questions, for example about the fabric and colour, and remotely send the recommended settings to your appliance. Go from finding the ideal programme to starting the laundry in just a few seconds.

Clothes at the ready

No more running up and down the stairs to see if the laundry is done, you can monitor your washing machine from anywhere. This convenient feature means you’ll always know if the laundry is ready or not, and you don’t have to check it several times just to see that it’s still running.

Work the laundry around you

Let your laundry adjust to your timetable… With the Home Connect App you can easily select options and start your washing machine whenever you want, from wherever you are – to have the laundry ready exactly when you need it!

Keep on top of things

i-Dos washing machines automatically adjust the dosing of detergent and fabric softener in order to deliver optimal results. And now it is getting even more advanced: The Home Connect App sends you Push Notifications whenever the compartments need to be refilled or your laundry is ready.

With exciting new possibilities from Siemens, their appliances are perfect for any home. Fancy and flexible home-life made easier with Siemens appliances and Siemens Home Connect App. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more about this fancy phone app and it’s advantages so keep an eye on our social media…

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