Baths vs Showers...

Baths vs Showers...

Sometimes you don’t have the space for both a bath and a shower, but there are some tactile techniques that can be used to overcome issues with bathroom space…

Matchy Matchy

The bath or the shower is often the centrepiece of the bathroom design, they’re the biggest feature and they stand out when you walk in the room so it’s important to get them right. Finding the right bath or shower or combination of the two for you and your home is important.

Who’s using it?

Before you decide on the main elements you want to include, it’s important to think about who will using it the most and how? Do you/they take more showers or baths? Is there a particular reason you would need a bath instead of a shower, or as well as? Thinking to the future is also vital, you don’t want to create a bathroom design that will only practically last a few years.

Getting the best of both worlds…

You can get both features in one by combining your bath with your shower, meaning you can save space and create a more versatile bathroom. Contemporary styling in bathrooms has developed over the years meaning when you combine a bath with a shower, it can now look stylish rather than slightly misplaced.

Sleek and Streamlined

Most people like the idea of having a bath, however it’s not always practical and sometimes a streamline shower room or wet room is more appropriate, depending on the users.

Shower Enclosure Bathroom Surrey

So if you’re looking to re-design your bathroom, we can help! The same expert design consultants will work with you from the design until the project is complete and we can help plan a bathroom that is perfect for your home and your needs, as well as being stylish. So start thinking now, for you is it a bath, a shower or a combination of the two?

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