Ready when you are...

Ready when you are...

Siemens tumble dryers with Home Connect can be managed with a few simple clicks - from wherever you are. Discover exciting features that let you adapt the drying process to your timetable…

Control from Anywhere

Let your laundry adjust to your timetable. Have your clothes dry when you need them with the Home Connect App. You can easily select programme options and start the drying process whenever you want, from wherever you are – to have the laundry ready exactly when you need it.

Monitor from Anywhere

Keep an eye on your washing with a Siemens dryer that you can monitor from wherever you are. With the Home Connect App you always know exactly if the laundry is ready or not, and you don’t have to check it several times just to see that it’s still running. Like with the washing machines, no more running up and down the stairs to check… If your laundry is ready, your appliance will send you a push notification. Welcome convenience into your home.

Start-Up in Seconds

A huge choice of programmes and options doesn’t have to mean that laundry care is complicated. With the Easy Start function, you can find exactly the right programme to treat your laundry using the Home Connect App – in just a few seconds.

Simple Set-Up

You don’t have to be an expert to install your appliance like a professional. The Home Connect App guides you through every single step of adjusting the initial settings, making sure that you always get the most out of your appliance.

With exciting new possibilities from Siemens, their appliances are perfect for any home. Fancy and flexible home-life made easier with Siemens appliances and Siemens Home Connect App. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more about this fancy phone app and it’s advantages so keep an eye on our social media…

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