Coffee Machines made even more clever...

Coffee Machines made even more clever...

With Christmas just around the corner, trust us when we say Siemens Home Connect Coffee Machines are the perfect Christmas gift. It’s coffee machines made even more clever so you can start your day right! If you don’t believe us, take a look at all the features below:

coffeeWorld: Discover app-exclusive worldwide coffee specialities via Home Connect App

coffeeWorld offers you a great variety of international coffee specialities that are exclusive to the Home Connect App. Find your favorite and send your choice remotely to your appliance. Discover the wide world of coffee with just one touch!

coffeePlaylist: Collect and remotely transfer multiple drink wishes via the app

Surprise and spoil your guests. With the Home Connect App, you can easily take multiple orders of different coffee variations and remotely transfer the playlist to your appliance. The coffee centre then prepares the coffee specialities from the playlist, one after another. Being a perfect host has never been so easy!

Easy Prep - No Hassle

Ristretto, Cappuccino, Latte Machiato – when it comes to coffee, everyone has their own preferences. With Home Connect, you can finally satisfy every one of them. Just choose or create the desired coffee through the intuitive app-interface and transfer it to your Siemens coffee centre. Professional coffee at the touch of an app.

Recipe’s with coffee made easier…

Many dishes, drinks or desserts require coffee as an ingredient. With Home Connect, simply choose from a number of pre-installed recipes and remotely start the preparation of the coffee.

Wow yourself and guests with this fancy run coffee machine; why not make life easier?

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