A Digital Revolution…

A Digital Revolution…

So, all the team is back in the showroom today after a fun festive period and we look forward to welcoming you back through our doors again… It’s a new year, so isn’t it time your bathroom got a new look?

Bring your bathroom up-to-date and even ready for the future with a handy digital shower, not to mention that it also looks sleek and means your bathroom will be well and truly ready for 2017 and many years to come.

Digital Showers are a must in a modern bathroom and present so many advantages as well as many of life’s little luxuries to the consumer:

  • Offering a perfect solution for those that struggle with manual control settings, all digital showers are now operated by push buttons and remote controls.

  • What a way to start the day with ‘Warm-Up’ Mode – the shower will reach your perfect temperature and then, and this is the really clever bit ladies, it pauses allowing you to step in so you don’t get your hair wet!!

  • Imagine lying in bed and utilizing a remote control to turn on your shower, so when you’re ready you can step out of the warmth of your cosy bed into a perfectly heated shower – heavenly!

  • Enjoy unique spray experiences to suit your mood!

  • Adjustments to temperature and flow are instant and accurate; a key safety aspect – digital showers feature thermostatic temperature stability.

Welcome the new year and join the Digital Revolution and make life luxuriously easy with modern day bathroom technology…

See the latest in Digital Shower Technology at our extensive Byfleet Village Showroom and to see the newest addition to our stunning bathroom display portfolio…

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