Kitchen finishes to complete your home...

Kitchen finishes to complete your home...

From mixing colours and styles, to keeping everything matching, finding the right style for your kitchen and for you will help complete the overall feel of your home…

Classic but Cool

Create a traditional feel in your kitchen with trendy contemporary twists that give it a modern feel with classic roots. A painted kitchen is a nice way to construct this atmosphere… Carved features in the wood, such as raised and fielded panels and pilasters give a traditional feel and by adding composite surfaces and dramatic tones you can bring the room into the 21st Century.

Painted Kitchen Surrey

Mix and Match

Blending freestanding and fitted furniture adds an interesting appeal to the room and more storage space. Mixing a few colours in the kitchen can also create a simple yet striking effect.

Painted Kitchen Surrey

Matchy Matchy

If mixing furniture and colours isn’t your style, go for matching modules to maintain a crisp feel. A dramatic dark palette will give the kitchen a slick feeling and fit in well in a stylish, contemporary home.

Kitchen Surrey

At Raycross Interiors, we can help you create the perfect kitchen design for your home. Visit our client portfolios to see some of our stunning, finished projects and read what our happy clients had to say!

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