50 Shades of Darker Grey

50 Shades of Darker Grey

Grey is a very flattering colour and provides a neutral backdrop while injecting character into the room. It can easily be dressed up in whatever style suits you and your taste. Add a flair of sophistication with a stunning shade of grey that can give any room a stylish edge.

Dark Grey Wet Room

A dark grey colour scheme creates a contemporary atmosphere in the home that is stylish now and won’t go out of fashion. It creates a strong feel that will stand out and is sure to wow guests. However, if you think this is a little too much, just try using it on a statement wall, or on a painted kitchen island or just in the mosaics in the bathroom…

We have lots of examples on our website of how to incorporate this trendy colour scheme into your home. From stand out greys in the kitchen, to deep greys in the bedroom and bold greys in the bathroom. It’s a contemporary colour scheme that is sure to impress. From soft Dove Grey to deep Charcoal, and from warming Pavilion Grey to Charleston Grey, at Raycross Interiors we’ve got the full fifty shades available in a range of stunning painted kitchen styles…

A grey palette is timeless and we can help you make the most of this sleek scheme in your home. Take a look at our wide range of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom client portfolios or to see the full colour palette available for your next home renovation, visit our showroom in Byfleet Village, Surrey.

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