Bathroom Trends to look out for in 2017

Bathroom Trends to look out for in 2017

2016 was the year of stunning spa like bathrooms and wet-rooms, as well as the modern minimalistic look that won’t be going out of fashion any time soon. However, the year ahead is sure to be full of many more sleek bathroom design trends!

2017 is looking to be the year of injecting personality into your bathroom, whether this be in the form of quirky accessories, textures or colours… We’re thinking colourful statement walls, stand out furniture and the perfect light. The spa trend is here to stay, so see how your little bathroom can be turned into a little paradise…

Free-Standing Tubs

Although this option may only be available to those with a bit more space in their bathroom, free-standing baths are looking to be popular this year and depending on the type of tub you go for, can either provide an edgy, contemporary look or a vintage atmosphere for your bathroom

Bathrooms Trends 2017 Surrey

Bold Tile Pattens and Colourful Statement Walls

Be brave and bold in your bathroom to create a edgy atmosphere that will certainly stand out. You have to be brave to carry out this trend in your home, but if you go for something more out there like this, be sure to keep the rest of the room in balance…

Bold Bathroom Trends 2017

Balance to the Boldness

When using patterned tiles and bold colours in the bathroom, tone down some of the other elements to keep the room balanced. Simple vanity units can be the perfect solution while providing useful storage and helping to not overpower the room.

Bathroom Trends 2017 Surrey

Bold Cabinetry

On the other hand, bold cabinetry is on trend this year! Last year, colourful cabinets were popular in kitchens but they can also work well in bathrooms. Navy blue and black seem to be the go to shades…

Modern Bathrooms Surrey

A Little Piece of Paradise

Turn your bathroom into your own little spot of luxury by simple adding spa-like accessories and mood lighting or go full out with a sleek digital shower and indulgent bath. To see how we can totally transform your bathroom into a stunning 5* luxury haven, take a look at our Client Portfolios or call into our Byfleet Village Showroom!

Bathrooms Trends 2017 Surrey

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