'Crown Roast Of Pork' Day?

'Crown Roast Of Pork' Day?

So, apparently today is ‘Crown Roast of Pork Day’. We’re not entirely sure if this is a real thing, but if it is, why not celebrate it on this fine Tuesday?

For those of you who are unaware, the ‘crown roast of pork’ gets its name from when a pork loin is formed into a circle with the ribs pointing upwards forming the points of a ‘crown’. It is then seasoned, and often stuffed, roasted and served, making a beautiful centerpiece on the table.

So, if this has given you any ideas for upcoming Sunday roasts or family meals, we have the perfect appliances to help you cook up the perfect roast centrepiece! At Raycross Interiors, we have a wide range of kitchen appliances, from Siemens and Miele, as well as other top tech brands to help you get the most out of your cooking…

Cooking up a tip-top roast has never been easier with these super useful, super easy to use appliances. From a range of different oven types and stylish induction hobs to hot water taps! So, if you need some new appliances in your kitchen or you’re looking for a whole new kitchen, we have got the perfect solutions for you!

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