Kitchen Trends to look out for in 2017

Kitchen Trends to look out for in 2017

As the years go by, trends change and new fads come into play, but when it comes to a large investment like a kitchen, although you want it to be stylish, you also want it to last. Here is what to look out for in kitchen design trends of 2017, a lot of these were popular throughout 2016, but their love is here to last so why not incorporate them into your home…

The ‘Industrial Look’

The ‘industrial look’ has been hanging around for a while now but it’s still looking like a strong choice in 2017. This edgy kitchen look combines elements such as: exposed brick/pipes, rustic metals, wood, stone and concrete to create an interesting Scandinavian style that is sure to intrigue guests.

Industrial Kitchen Trend Surrey

Handleless Arrangements

Although we mentioned handleless kitchen units a few times throughout last year, they are looking to stay right on trend for the time being. The perfect accompaniment for a contemporary kitchen, they provide a sleek finishing touch that is simple yet modern and stylish.

Handless Cabinets Kitchen Surrey

Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are becoming more and more popular as homeowners think to the future and value and quality are taken into consideration more. Although previously seen as a luxury, its becoming more affordable and there was a steady rise of people moving from laminate surfaces to quartz surfaces throughout 2016 and it looks like it’s a popular choice that will continue throughout this year.

Quartz Worktops Kitchen Surrey

Top Notch Storage Solutions

With more and more kitchen gadgets and gizmos being released through 2017, having somewhere to put them all will be a key issue. Storage is vital in the kitchen, even if you’re not into gadgets and having the right storage solutions for your needs is key. Tall larders and deep drawers provide practical storage that still looks fancy like the example below…

Storage Kitchen Surrey

Kitchen Tech on the Rise

With the development of technology moving so quickly, it’s hardly surprising that there is such a wide range of tech for the kitchen. From Siemens’ range of HomeConnect appliances that are controlled by your smart phone, to touch control hobs and boiling water taps, tech has already started to take over our home and this year we are sure to see a huge increase of tech in people’s kitchens. Take advantage of what’s on offer and make your life easier and your kitchen sleeker…

Siemens Coffee Machine Kitchen Surrey

If you want to incorporate some of these upcoming trends into your home, we can help. Pop into our extensive Byfleet Village Showroom or call us on 01932 346336.

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