Graham Cross' Top 10 Kitchen Tips

Graham Cross' Top 10 Kitchen Tips

“The business is in my blood. Every project is new and exciting and every customer is treated as an individual. We have built the business through reputation and outstanding customer service. Our clients rarely visit us once; they know that we deliver projects on time and on budget. We offer customers a bespoke service that exactly matches their requirements. From concept through to design and completion, their project is our project and our installation team will ensure it is completed to specification and to an exceptional standard.” - Graham Cross

When it comes to home design, Graham knows exactly what he’s talking about - so here’s his Top 10 Kitchen Tips:

We’ve got a Handle on things at Raycross Interiors

Handleless kitchens are all the rage, but be careful as they will show all the fingerprints unless you fit an ‘electric servo’ so you can open the drawers by using your knee or elbow! If you do decide to go with handles, then maybe an ‘integral’ handle is a good compromise -Sleek design but extremely practical.

Clad behind the hob with glass

It’s easy to keep clean and it looks great! At Raycross Interiors we have a plethora of colours available as well as various patterns and textures. Toughened glass has overtaken all materials as the must-have cladding for walls in the kitchen.

The Grand Prix at Raycross Interiors

Make your life easy by having a fully opening Le Mans Carousel in the corner base unit – you can get to your items at the back of the corner unit with ease.

It’s all in the detail…

Stainless Steel kickboards/plinths not only look good but are easy to keep clean. Working with experienced designers will ensure that those ‘little’ things you don’t necessarily think about, aren’t forgotten.

Lead a busy life?

Younger family members not quite so good at clearing up after themselves…? Wood effect porcelain floor tiles give a ‘natural’ feel to any kitchen and are ZERO maintenance to upkeep.

It’s the age of steam in the kitchen industry for a new Healthier You!

See how your culinary habits will change when cooking by steam for healthier and more nutritious meals for you and your family! Forget mountains of pans to wash-up, all your vegetables can be cooked in one tray to perfection keeping all their nutrients – Wave goodbye to pans of sticky rice and say hello to a bed of perfectly steamed rice….

Goodbye Kettle – Hello Hot Tap!

An essential part of any new kitchen with hot water on tap whilst saving wasted water, wasted time and most importantly saving you money.

Limited on space?

Induction Hobs are the answer… Their sleek, flat surface means you can use them as an extra worktop space when they’re not on and they’re also super easy to clean.


It’s always the bin that gets forgotten but when you’ve got your new kitchen and it looks great – where is the bin going to go? We have great ideas on hidden bins for general waste, recycling and food waste – who wants to spoil a stunning new kitchen with an unsightly bin…!!

We’ve got the power!

Placement of power sockets is key… We work with our client to see how they work in a kitchen meaning they have power where they need it. Whether that be for children working at an Island/breakfast bar or handy sockets for Food Blenders and Processors.

Choosing the right company:

When you start the research process for choosing the company who will be able to achieve your dream kitchen, write a list of questions to ask that will help you work out if this is the company that is going to provide you with everything you need from product to service, design to installation.

  1. How were you initially greeted? This is a good indication of how important clients are to a company.
  2. What is the process from your initial enquiry to then having the work carried out and who is responsible for each element.
  3. Make sure you see portfolios of recent client projects along with client testimonials – a company confident in their service will be happy for you to speak to recent clients.
  4. What are the terms & conditions of business, along with payment schedules. Ensure you understand when payments are due and why they are due at the requested stages of the process.
  5. Ask the design consultant about his experience in the industry and will he/she be the one point of communication through your project being carried out.
  6. How long has the company been trading? The longer the company has been trading, the better the reputation will be. Companies don’t survive long if they are not delivering good customer service.

With these top tips, you should feel ready to get stuck in starting the process of getting your new kitchen but if you have any questions or want more details about how we can help you get the perfect kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, visit our Byfleet Village Showroom or call us on 01932 346336.

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