Wet Room or Flooded Room…

Wet Room or Flooded Room…

Having recently stayed at a beautiful converted barn on a weekend break in the stunning countryside of Yorkshire, my first impression when I walked into the en-suite wet room was fairly impressive. It looked very new and modern but as happens in so many instances, first impressions can unfortunately be extremely deceptive!

The sanitary ware and furniture was of a good quality but after a few moments of utilising the shower, the whole of the bathroom floor was flooded! Water was going under the bathroom furniture, so in months to come this furniture will be rotten and in need of replacing. It didn’t make for a pleasant bathing experience at all and whereby you can put up with it for a few days, imagine if you’d invested in a new bathroom in your own home and this is how it had been designed & installed! The knowledge and experience of the design consultant and install team would have been imperative to ensuring that this wet room was installed correctly.

It is so important when investing in a new Bathroom, Shower Room or Wet Room that you speak to Bathroom Design experts. Design faults can be costly, not only in having to replace perfectly good quality furniture within a short time frame but also the most key factor of investing in your new room – your enjoyment of it.

At Raycross Interiors, we have the experts to make sure these costly mistakes never occur! So feel free to visit our extensive Byfleet Village Showroom or call us on 01932 346336 to see how we can help you create your perfect bathroom without any problems!

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