Now I know it may seem early to be mentioning Christmas, but realistically it isn’t that far away! By the looks of the weather, summer has ended so why don’t we let the countdown begin?

Food is always at the centre of festive celebrations and this year should be no different, especially when it comes to cooking the perfect Christmas dinner! In order to cook the perfect turkey and roasties, you need the perfect kitchen! It’s not too late to get your dream kitchen in time for the traditional turkey dinner in December, but the timer is ticking so don’t wait too long to come and see us!

At Raycross Interiors, we can design, supply and install you perfect kitchen and help you to transform your old kitchen into your dream cook, eat and seat space that is spot-on for your needs. From storage options, to cooking appliances and the little details that help make it more homely and personal. Offering bespoke options the room can really become your own. Not only this, but we will make sure it has the full functionality so it’s not just a stylish room but rather covers all your needs!

So when Christmas comes around (countdown time!) you’ll have a stunning kitchen to wow when the family descends, as well as the perfect set-up to cook your best Christmas dinner! Don’t miss out on the opportunity, we still have some availability but the countdown has begun so don’t wait too long!

For more information, please pop into our Byfleet Village Showroom or contact us on 01932 346336! We looking forward to helping you transform your kitchen just in time for Christmas!

Christmas Kitchen Surrey

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