KBB Award Nomination

Top Design Award Finalist

‘Ultimate Kitchen Design of the Year’

2017 National Award Finalist

We are delighted to have been a Runner-Up in the ‘Ultimate Kitchen Design’ category at the 2017 National Industry Awards for Kitchens and Bathrooms. It’s a fantastic achievement to have been recognised for our expertise in design, one which we are extremely proud of.

Graham Cross & Ciaran McAtamney designed and project managed this phenomenal kitchen for our client and Graham explains what this nomination means to him and the Company.

“When owning your own company, often the fundamentals of running a business can take over what your true passion is and the reason you set up in business in the first place. To start with a blank floor plan, work through the client brief and then design a Kitchen that your client describes as her ‘dream’ kitchen is the ultimate in job satisfaction. Our client entrusted their project to Raycross Interiors, knowing that we had the product knowledge, design expertise and the project management experience to not only meet their expectations but to exceed them.

Providing every single client with an outstanding customer service is at the forefront of our business ethic so this nomination is a credit to all of my team at Raycross Interiors and although we didn’t bag the top prize this year, we are certainly very proud of being in the top 3 for a top national award.”

This nomination will be dedicated to the memory of our dearest friend and client, who commissioned us to design her dream kitchen and made it possible for Raycross Interiors to be nominated for such a fabulous award.

KBB Award Event
KBB Award Event
KBB Award Event

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